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What is an Expert Witness?

This is a person who is an expert in their field (in my case Trichology). However, it is no good simply being an Expert in the field only.

Since 1999 it has been a legal requirement for the “Expert” to be trained in working under the Civil Procedures (CPR) rules or Criminal Procedures Rules (CrPR)

The Institute of Trichologists only advertises those with the full qualifications required by Law on its website.

The normal procedure for a client to approach me as an Expert Witness is via your solicitor.

My part in these procedures is to act for the Law Courts to give detailed reports on any legal case that involves the human hair or scalp.

In general terms all criminal cases are referred to me directly from the Solicitor of either the defence or the Claimant.

In civil cases I may be approached by either party to assist them.

In those cases I ask them to employ a solicitor to contact me with their instructions.

Commonly I act for Defence or Claimant, as a Single Expert.

The Courts make the final decision in these circumstances if the two parties are unable to agree.

I am also to act in the capacity of a Joint Expert I may act for both sides of the case giving a legal report detailing my findings. This is still ultimately for the Courts to decide

Finally, I may act in the capacity of Expert Determination. This is very different.

In these circumstances, the solicitors on both sides of the of the case choose to use Expert Determination whom they both agree upon. Then they also agree to accept the findings as finite. In these circumstances the final decision is made by  the Expert and no Court in involved.

Whilst I have done the training with the Academy of Experts for this type of litigation, I have yet to gain accreditation from The Academy of Experts through further examination by that Academy.

A Litigation Consultation

This takes place normally within my practice in Civil cases.

A consultation last approximately one and a half hours takes place.

During this time photographs may be taken.

Hair measurements are taken and usually hair samples for future microscopical examination.

In criminal cases it may be necessary for me to visit the client elsewhere, or simply to travel to a forensic science laboratory in another city to have access to hair that can not be released for legal reasons.

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