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Hair Care



The sliding pictures on the right follow the same child from birth to 4 years old.

It is noticeable how straight and dark the hair is after birth.

She then developed the bald patch at the back of the head, after a few weeks, which was always believed tobe due to hair rubbing on the bedding.

However, this is not the case.

The hair forms in the womb in a wave pattern. The commonly seen bald patch is the final shedding of pre-birth or Lanugo hair.

By the time the child is 10 months old the hair is becoming much lighter in colour.

By 18 months the hair is very blond, and now showing signs of curl.

By 2 and a half years the hair remains blond, has gained considerable length.

By the age of 4 years the hair has lost most of its curl and is in excellent condition.

Note- the hair by the age of 4 years had never been trimmed. It had been shampooed daily and conditioned. It had never had a brush or a drier used on it.

The same child aged nine years.

The hair is in perfect condition,with no split ends.

The hair has been trimmed due to natural weathering, causing the hair ends to start to split.

Still the hair, which despite it’s natural very fine texture, is in glorious condition, has never had a hair drier or a hair brush used on it.

It is combed always starting at the distal ends with a wide toothed hand cut comb.

Hair Care

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