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1990 to date I have acted as Hair Consultant in both television and radio broadcasts on many occasions.

1990 I was involved in a bi-monthly hour long ‘phone in’ programme for BBC Radio Solent, covering any topic relating to the hair.

1990 to date I have taken part in many national television and radio programmes, both recorded and live.

1996 to date I have provided information for numerous articles for newspapers and magazines both at local and national level. I was technical consultant for the Sunday Telegraph article on androgenetic hair loss in women.

1999 I was involved in research into male hair loss products for Which? Magazine.

2000 to date I act as independent advisor to hairdressing product manufacturers where there is a dispute over the quality of their products.

2002 to 2005 I wrote regularly for ‘Spirit’ magazine, until it ceased publication.
I have written many articles for other national magazines such as “New Woman” and “Cosmopolitan”, and national newspapers.

1998 until 2007, I acted as a Judge annually, for “New Woman Beauty Awards”, testing new hair care products to the market until 2007.

2007 I worked with “Which magazine” and appeared on Watch Dog, exposing mal- practice amongst some “Hair Clinics”

2007 – Autumn. I contributed to the 50th anniversary of “Which” magazine. Subject the possible carcinogenic effects of hair tinting.

2007, I recorded a “live” question and answer programme for www.videojug which is current at April 2010.

2010 Live radio interview for 'Questions Questions' BBC Radio 4

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