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Maz Lecture2000 Lecture given to General Practitioners on the subject of hair loss.

2000 Lecture given to over one hundred delegates on the subject of Trichology at the request of Wella UK.

2001 - October   I addressed a professional audience in Bangkok,Thailand. That audience was drawn fromAustralia, India, China and South East Asia, and was on the subject of the “weathering” of the human hair.

2001 November-I addressed the subject of Common Hair Disorders at St Anne’s College Oxford, to an audience of doctors, dermatologists, trichologists and the media.

2005 Lectured given in Istanbul, Turkey, on the weathering of the human hair.

2007 Lectured given to the British Dermatology Nursing Group for their annual CPD training on the subject of Trichology- Diagnosis and Treatment.

2008  November Lecture given on matters of litigation relating to Trichologists and the Expert Witness.

2009- July Lecture given to Dermatologists/scientists and researchers in Graz, Austria. Subject- The Nature Extent and Boundaries of Trichology.

2010 Lectured final year medical students from St Georges Hospital on the subject of Trichology.

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