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  • Educated at Gillingham Grammar School - Dorset
  • 1985 Associate Member of the Institute of Trichologists (London) (AIT)
  • 1988 Member of the Institute of Trichologists (London) (MIT)
  • 1988 Elected to the Board of Governors of the Institute of Trichologists(London). I remain on the Board
  • 1996 Vice Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists (London), having responsibility for Members’ services. In September 1996 I became Chairman of the Ethics Committee.
  • Oct 1997 Member of the Academy of Experts.(MAE)
  • Nov 1998 To date-Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists .(London)
  • May 1999 Trained in Civil Procedures Rules and as Single Joint Expert, with Academy of Experts, London.
  • 2000-2002 Representative of the Institute of Trichologists at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin.
  • 2000–2006 Associate Board Member of the Oxford Hair Foundation .
  • 2001 Trained with the Academy of Experts on Criminal Procedures Rules.
  • 2005 Trained with the Academy of Experts in Medical reportwriting.
  • 2005 to date - Chief Executive of Administration – The Institute of Trichologists .
  • 2007 Updated training with the Academy of Experts in Procedures Rules ./li>
  • 2008 Studied Law for Experts with the Academy of Experts .
  • 2008 Awarded Fellowship of The Institute of Trichologists (FIT)
  • 2009 Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine .
  • 2009 Member of the European Hair Research Society .
  • 2009 Trained in Expert Determination-Academy of Experts.


I have been in practice since 1985. I am a Consultant Trichologist originally in clinical practice at Wiltshire Trichology Centre, 7 New Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire. In September 2004 the clinical practice moved to 213 Devizes Road Salisbury. The clinical practice involves the diagnosis and where appropriate, treatment of hair and scalp disorders. This involves working closely with the medical profession.

I refer to myself as a Consultant Trichologist as my work is almost consultancy.

I do not infer that I have medical qualifications

Mrs Marilyn Sherlock

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